Battlelines have been drawn between me and my dryer.

I have terrible luck with washing machines and dryers. Choosing between the $250.00 tried-and-true and basic model or the $1,300.00 model that does all the folding, putting away, and washing for you is up to you. No matter what- they'll only last about a year in my house. The most recent victims have been around... Continue Reading →

Was I the issue? Maybe it WAS me?

The adventure continues... For all of you keeping track, I am now up to 65 applications submitted. Five rejection notifications, three interviews for one not selected position, and one interview today for a company and position I want, leaving 58 possibilities open. I am not worried. Experts say there are plenty of jobs, but no... Continue Reading →

My dad…the backstage manager.

I talk a lot about my mom. In addition to being my mentor, she is my sounding board, cheerleader, and friend. But… my father is my backstage manager. We haven't always had the most harmonious of relationships. I was a girl, he was a father… it was like Oreos without the milk sometimes. The intentions... Continue Reading →

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