Reflections on rejoining corporate America.

Friends! What a journey into the real world of a 9-5 job! Culture shock! I am the first to admit that my last two jobs were, in fact, 'work from home', in the sense that I did travel- but my home base was my home office, and all of my supplies were haphazardly placed in... Continue Reading →

When dreams do come true.

I looked down at the journal in my hands-  Day 18,645- Still hot. The coffee is still not good. Going to read today. Maybe go for a walk. And as always- write.   I looked at the plate of food sitting in front of me. What could a girl do to get a cheeseburger around here?... Continue Reading →

The Last Train Stop…

Metal clanging against metal reverberated through the air. After waking up with a start, Katie quickly closed her eyes against the blinding light. For a moment, she lay still, trying to get her bearings, but all she heard was a slight hum of movement. Where was she?  Slowly, Katie opened her left eye, wincing at... Continue Reading →

I was voted off the island last night…

I have had my share of embarrassing moments in life. Aside from being short, I have terrible eyesight, have worn braces twice, and have difficulty pronouncing words such as spaghetti, hamburger, and supposedly. Talking to coworkers makes me nervous, my jokes are only entertaining in my head, and my ‘go-to’ line in heated arguments is... Continue Reading →

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